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Heybike EC 1-ST

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Color: Teal Blue
Size - Suitable for 155 - 185 cm: standard

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Heybike EC 1-ST Pedelec-E-Bike
250W rear hub motor
Pedal sensor
10Ah 36V Samsung battery
Shimano 7-speed gears
Max speed
25 km/h or 15 mph
Up to 100 km
Weight of the entire bike
19.2kg / 42 lbs
Battery Weight
5 lbs/2.2 kg
Gear range
Charging Time
4-5 hours
Climbing ability
Up to 10°
Maximum load
150 kg / 330 lbs
Heybike EC 1-ST Pedelec-E-Bike
Suitable for riders
A. Seat tube
B. Head tube
C. Top tube
D. Maximum seat height
E. Chain stays
F. Minimum seat height
G. Handlebar height
H. Wheelbase
I. Total length
Reshaping the future
19.2 kg Weight of the entire bike
up to 100 km km Range
CE & RoHS Certification
360 wh Samsung Battery
250W Motor
25 km/h Max Speed
Hydraulic disc brakes
7 Gears Shimano Gears
Step-Thru Design
Smart App

Your companion to explore the city and embody style.

Reshaping the future

The low frame design offers comfortable elegance for anyone who wants to travel in style. Whether fashionable dresses or casual outfits, this e-bike fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Colorful & lightweight

Removable battery

Ride longer, explore further.
With 360 Wh battery you experience limitless freedom. Up to 100 km range for pure energy at the touch of a button, explore every corner effortlessly!

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Strong control, safe braking
Whether it's steep descents or abrupt stops, stay in control and overcome obstacles with confidence.

Step-Thru Design

Get in comfortably, drive effortlessly.
With step-thru design, lightweight aluminum frame (19.2 kg), not only provides effortless getting on and off, but also makes the ride a carefree pleasure.

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    LCD Display

    Compatible with the HEYBIKE app, which helps you navigate the route.

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    Adjustable multi-angle lighting for safe and distraction-free commuting.

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    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Upgrade your brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes ensure precise, powerful and safe braking.

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    The Shimano 7-speed drive is powerful, smooth and designed for high performance on all roads.

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    Anti-Puncture Tires

    Versatile 700C*40C tires with anti-puncture technology for city, gravel and long-distance driving.

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    Concealed internal wiring

    Internal wiring improves aesthetics, reduces wind resistance and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Smarttech and APP

Your great rides deserve a diary! Connect your bike to the HEYBIKE app and create impressive mileage!

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  • Specifications
  • What's in the box?
Description Size (cm)
Suitable for riders 155~185
A. Seat tube 43
B. Head tube 45
C. Top tube 59
D. Maximum seat height 16
E. Chain stays 102
F. Minimum seat height 73
G. Handlebar height 102
H. Wheelbase 112
I. Total length 182


  • A -- Motor
    250W rear hub motor

  • B -- Sensor
    Pedal sensor

  • C -- Battery
    10Ah 36V Samsung battery

  • D -- Gears
    Shimano 7-speed gears

  • E -- Max Speed
    25 km/h or 15 mph

  • F -- Range
    up to 100 km

  • G -- Weight
    19.2 kg / 42 lbs

  • H -- Battery charging time
    4~5 hours

  • I -- Permitted total weight
    150 kg / 330 lbs


  • A -- Display
    3.4'' IPX6 LCD display

  • B -- Brake
    Hydraulic disc brakes

  • C -- Frame
    Heavy-duty aluminum alloy

  • D -- Tires
    700C*40C puncture-proof tires

  • E -- Front fork
    Aluminum alloy fork

  • F -- Headlight
    Included (pre-installed)

  • G -- Mudguard Set

  • H -- Stand

  • I -- Reflector
    Included (pre-installed)

  • A -- Manual

  • B -- E-bike frame (Battery included)

  • C -- Bicycle wheels

  • D -- Charger

  • E -- Saddle

  • F -- Key*2

  • G -- Mudguard Set

  • H -- Cable ties

  • I -- Wrench*7

  • J -- Bicycle pedal*2

  • K -- charging cable

  • L -- Screw cover*2



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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Andrea Syfus
Schönes Fahrrad

Das Fahrrad sie gut aus. Mit der Anleitung auch gut zusammen zu bauen.

Freue mich nun noch auf den Gepäckträger,

Verstehe leider nicht, warum jein Rücklicht dabei ist.

Sonst wirklich ein sehr schönes und leichtes Fahrrad.

vielen Dank für Ihren Kauf und dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns Ihr Feedback zu geben.

Es freut uns sehr zu hören, dass Sie mit dem Aussehen und dem Zusammenbau des Fahrrads zufrieden sind. Ihr Lob bedeutet uns viel, da wir stets darum bemüht sind, qualitativ hochwertige Produkte und einen hervorragenden Kundenservice zu bieten.

Wir möchten Ihnen versichern, dass wir den Gepäckträger, sobald er bei uns eingetroffen ist, umgehend an Sie versenden werden.

Wir wissen, wie wichtig die Rücklichter für Sie sind, und es tut uns leid, dass die aktuelle Charge in unserem Lager sie nicht enthält. Unsere nächste Lieferung wird ein Upgrade beinhalten, sodass unsere Fahrräder standardmäßig mit einem Rücklicht ausgestattet sein werden.

Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Geduld. Wir sind dankbar für Ihre Unterstützung und freuen uns sehr über das Foto, das Sie uns geschickt haben. Es ist großartig zu sehen, dass unser Fahrrad bei Ihnen gut ankommt.

Heybike Team

Gutes Damen Fahrrad Eigentlich hatte ich Unisex erwartet.

Es ist robust und über den Stadt Gebrauch hinaus auch über Land einsetzbar. Da ich ein Unisex Rad erwartet hatte, komme ich trotzdem mit dem Damenrad ganz gut zurecht.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Wir bei Heybike freuen uns über Ihr Feedback. Es ist unser Ziel, elektrische Fahrräder zu entwickeln, die den ergonomischen Anforderungen entsprechen und Ihnen ein komfortables Fahrerlebnis bieten. Ihre Zufriedenheit und Ihr Wohlbefinden sind für uns von größter Bedeutung, und es ist beruhigend zu hören, dass Sie mit dem Komfort unseres Fahrrads zufrieden sind.

Wenn Sie weitere Fragen oder Anliegen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren. Wir stehen Ihnen jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung.

Heybike Team

Easily my best e-bike so far

This is the third e-bike coming to be part of the family here :) and it's easily the best one. The reasons are simple:
1) it's true that a bike is still just a bike and it just needs to work well and take you places, but the looks of this one are just amazing: its sleek and clean design really make for a head-turner. Mine is blue. And it's a lovely shade of blue!
2) The comfort is the best thanks to the high quality saddle. It's not the big type, but saddles don't have to be big to be comfortable and this is the perfect example.
3) the gears are so smooth! It's SHIMANO, and it's the same brand I've seen on other bikes, true, but I believe it also comes down to how the whole piece is implemented in the bike: on my other bikes the gears aren't smooth at all: there's always some clanking sound and some gears are just harder to shift into position. On the HeyBike, shifting is just as easy as something you don't even have to think about.
4) the engine. The electric motor is powerful and smart. On my other bikes you will totally feel the hard push when the motor suddenly activates. On this bike it's a very smooth and gentle experience: The engine activates and deactivates in a smart way according to whether you're using the pedals or not.
5) the screen is very clear and big enough: I never struggle trying to read the info displayed.
6) last but not least: the brakes. Brakes are extremely important, as you can imagine. And their correct functioning is even more important on a bike as powerful as this one, since it's easy to reach high speeds more quickly than on a regular bike, and being able to brake effectively is just a critical aspect. These are the best brakes I've personally experienced on a bike. They're superb quality: small, comfortable, never in the way of your fingers but still always ready to be pulled. And they are VERY effective. Their action is solid and efficient.
The bike was easy to assemble and the manual also comes with a link to videos online that will show you how to mount every single piece, one by one.
Overall I'm extremely happy with this bike and I think that it's VERY good value, considering the competition in the same price line.
So my advice is: if you've come across this bike and it's the type of bike you need, don't overthink it: just go ahead and buy it. HeyBike won't let you down, also thanks to its stellar customer support.

Thank you very much for your detailed review of our Heybike EC1-ST electric bicycle. We sincerely appreciate your satisfaction with your purchase and your recognition of various aspects of the bike.

We are particularly pleased to hear your positive opinion about the color blue and take note that it resonates with your personal taste. It is our aim to offer our customers a diverse selection of color options to ensure they find the bike that suits their preferences.

Furthermore, we are grateful for your feedback on other aspects of the Heybike EC1-ST, such as its performance, riding comfort, and quality of construction. Your opinion is highly valuable to us as it helps us to further improve our product and meet the needs of our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always at your service and look forward to accompanying you on your Heybike journey.

Heybike Team

Lukas Bauer
Ideal für Freizeitfahrten

Der EC 1-ST ist perfekt für meine Wochenendausflüge. Der leistungsstarke Motor und die langen Akkulaufzeiten ermöglichen mir, weiter und schneller zu fahren. Ein fantastisches E-Bike für alle, die gerne draußen unterwegs sind.

Petra Hoffmann
Hervorragende Bauqualität

Die Verarbeitungsqualität des EC 1-ST ist einfach erstklassig. Alles fühlt sich robust und gut durchdacht an. Dieses E-Bike gibt mir ein sicheres Gefühl auf jeder Fahrt, egal ob kurz oder lang.